Call for Papers

A3 Poster- EmC-Graz2013Call for Participation

The EURO Association of European Operational Research Societies invites you to participate in the EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013, which will be hosted at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz in Austria, in cooperation with its the Institute of Statistics and Operations Research, from October 17th to 19th, 2013.

Scope: The EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013 on “Collaborative Decision Systems in Economics and in Complex Societal and Environmental Applications” will be composed of 4 Streams:

1. Stream of Decision Support Systems (chaired by the EWG-DSS);
2. Stream of Experimental Economics (chaired by the EWG E-CUBE);
3. Stream of  Complex Societal Problems (chaired by the EWG-MCSP); and
4. Stream of OR in Agriculture and Forest Management (chaired by the EWG-ORAFM).

Due to its interdisciplinary flavour, this conference brings together researchers of the areas of Decision Sciences, Operations Research, Economics, Societal Complexity, Environmental Management and their respective fields of applications. Collaborative Decision Systems in the areas of Economics, Societal and Environmental Applications are very much encouraged to be submitted to this EURO Mini-Conference.

EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013 – Call for Papers (pdf file).

Contributors are requested to submit either Abstracts (1 page) or Short Papers (4/6 pages) in electronic form (MS-Word or PDF) via the EasyChair Account: EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013. Extended Submissions Deadline: 15/08/2013. . Download the appropriate template below.

Templates (doc) to download:
EmC_Graz-2013_Extended Abstract Template
EmC_Graz-2013_Short or Full PaperTemplate

Presentations of Projects, Software Tools and Demos are also welcome.

Important Dates:

Deadline for Submissions:           15/08/2013 ( EXTENDED !)
Notification of Acceptance:          02/09/2013
Registration Deadline:                    15/09/2013
Mini-Conference Dates:             17-19/10/2013

Submissions may include, among others, the following topics:

  • Methodologies and Applications in Experimental Economics;
  • Decision-making using Social Networks and Web Resources;
  • Spatial-temporal Web-based Decision Making & DSS;
  • Group Support Systems /  Distributed  / Collaborative Decision Making;
  • Methods, Languages and Tools to support Decision Systems;
  • Web 2.0/ 3.0 Systems for Decision Support & Globalisation Context;
  • Knowledge Management & Resource Discovery for Decision Making;
  • Methodology of Societal Complexity and Economy
  • Methodology of Societal Complexity and Sustainable Development
  • Methodology of Societal Complexity and Healthcare
  • Applications of Decision Systems in Agriculture and Forest Management.

Papers addressing topics in research and application areas of the topics  above related to the 4 Streams of the EURO Working Groups are welcome in this EURO Mini-Conference.

Conference Publications: Proceedings & Special Issues:

  • Proceedings of the EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013 “Book of Abstracts – Streams DSS / E-CUBE / MSC / ORAFM “. U. Leopold, F.Dargam, S. Pickl, D.DeTombe, L.Plá, S.Liu, J. Hernández, B. Delibasic, R.Ribeiro, P.Zaraté (Editors). Graz, Austria, October 17-19, 2013
  • IJDSST – International Journal of Decision Support Systems Technology (IGI Global)– Special Issue ON “Advances on Decision Sciences and its Decision Support Technologies“. (Stream DSS). F.C.C.Dargam, J. Hernández, B. Delibasic (Guest Editors).
  •   IJDSS – International Journal of Decision support Systems (Inderscience Pub.) Special Issue on “Collaborative Decision Systems in Economics and in Complex Societal and Environmental Applications“. P.Zaraté, U. Leopold, D.DeTombe, L.Plá (Guest Editors).
  • CEJOR – Central European Journal of Operations Research (Springer)
    Special Issue (Stream E-CUBE)
    U. Leopold, S. Pickl et al. (G. Editors) .

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