Invited Speakers

EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013

Invited Speakers:

JK-035Jakob Krarup
Professor Emeritus of the Department of
Computer Science of the University of Copenhagen

“On the Origins of OR and its Institutions”

Rudolph Vetschera 2Rudolf  Vetschera
Professor at the University of Vienna, Austria
Department of Business Administration / Organization and Planning

Talk: “The multiple dimensions of negotiations: A unified approach”


Rita RibeiroRita A. Ribeiro
Professor at CA3, UNINOVA, Portugal

Talk: “Dynamic Multi-criteria Decision Making (MCDM): A framework”


Cor van DijkumCor van Dijkum
Professor at Utrecht University, Department of Methodology and Statistics / Faculty of Social Sciences   &   Sokrates Consultancy and Engineering, The Netherlands

Talk: “Complexity is more than complicated. Investigating, simulating and handling complexity: a challenge for system dynamics”

Marion RaunerMarion Sabine Rauner
Professor at the University of Vienna, Austria.
School of Business, Economics, and Statistics, Department of Business Administration

Talk:Prevention of Occupational Injuries at the General Accident Insurance Institution (AUVA): Design and Application of Decision Support Systems for Predicting Subsequent Costs from 2001 to 2011*

* Joint research work with Michaela-Maria Schaffhauser-Linzatti, Johannes Bauerstätter, Bernhard Schwarz, Paul Harper, Klaus Wittig and Beate Mayer

Professor at the Department of Forest Resource Management & Forest Planning of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweeden

Talk: “Replicating forest owner behavior in Decision Support Systems:  2 examples of programming formulations

Hermann Maurer
Hermann Maurer
Professor of Informatics, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Talk: Long range predictions are still more difficult than is usually assumed” 


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