EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013 Registration


The Registration for the Mini-Conference is already closed!

The Organizing Committee of the EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013, invites you to participate on this “EURO Mini-Conference” on “Collaborative Decision Systems in Economics and in Complex Societal and Environmental Applications” in the period of October 17th to 19th, 2013, in the Institute of Statistics and Operations Research of the Karl-Franzens  University of Graz. This Mini-Conference is jointly organized by the EURO Working Groups on Decision Support Systems (EWG-DSS); on Experimental Economics (EWG E-CUBE),  on Methodology for Complex Societal Problems (EWG-MCSP) and  on OR in Agriculture and Forest Management (EWG-ORAFM).

Registrations for the EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013  are open up to 15/09/2013. The registration fee per participant is  € 200,00 (Two Hundred Euros) for Normal Registrant and € 100.00 (One Hundred Euros) for Students. This includes the participation in the Mini-Conference; coffee breaks; conference receptions; and one copy of the Proceedings of the Mini-Conference containing the Abstracts of the accepted and presented work, as well as the special talks.

Registration should be completed in two steps:

Step 1: Complete and submit the On-line Registration Form on-line ( below).
Registration via Email
can be done by supplying the information requested below via email to the addresses:

After performing Step 1, if you are not a guest participant (including Invited Speakers and Members of the OC), you will be reminded via email that you still need to make the payment of the registration fee via bank transfer.

Step 2: Make the payment of the respective registration fee to the EWG-DSS account via Bank transfer.Important:Bank transfers within Europe are costless. If any costs are involved in the registration bank transfer, they should be covered by the registrant!Bank: Steiermärkische Bank &. Sparkasse
(Ragnitzstraße 177,  8047 Graz, Austria)
Bank Nr.: 20815
Account Nr.:  00004-521076
Account Holder:
Dr. Fatima Dargam-Perz –  c/o EWG-DSS
EURO Working Group DSS
IBAN:     AT022081500004521076
BIC:        STSPAT2GXXXAfter performing Step 2, you will be informed about the completion of your Registration via email, as soon as your payment reaches the EWG-DSS bank account. 

Registration Fee per Participant:
Normal Reg.: € 200,00 (Two Hundred Euros)
Student Reg.: € 100.00 (One Hundred Euros)

(Attention:Bank transfer / deposit costs, if any, should be covered by the registrant!)

Please remit the registration payment to:

Bank: Steiermärkische Bank &. Sparkasse (Ragnitzstraße 177, 8047 Graz, Austria)
Bank Nr.: 20815
Account Nr.: 00004-521076
Account Holder: Dr. Fatima Dargam-Perz – c/o EWG-DSS
EURO Working Group DSS
IBAN: AT022081500004521076
Purpose: Registration of (participant name) to the EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013

Important Note: If you cancel your registration before September 20th., 2013, you will obtain 50 % of the registration fee refunded. No refund will be made after this date.

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