Sponsors Talks & Web-Seminars


Talk: “Rapid Designs, Scenarios and Schedules with Simio

Find out why leading companies and universities worldwide are converting to Simio. This talk will describe some of the innovations that allow rapidly solving even complex problems. Simio includes a powerful object-based modeling and integrated 3D animation system with  patented process logic that allows you to customize objects and achieve unprecedented flexibility without writing Java or proprietary user code. Simio also extends simulation capabilities into daily operational support to reduce risk and costs by analyzing your schedules in ways never before possible. Explore the Simio academic grants and on-line resources that let faculty and students use and learn Simio at no cost.

Markus Bans
Master representative for D, A, CH for Simio LLC in Germany
David T. Sturrock
Vice-President of Operations for Simio LLC, USA

* SIMIO sponsors the EURO Mini-Conference Graz-2013 with 3 Best-Papers Prizes.
Click here for more details.


Talk:  “Exploring Lower Carbon Futures for the Automobile in the USA
with ATEAM”

Automobiles generate over 40% of the USA’s greenhouse gas emissions today. How might the USA best reduce these emissions and its dependence on oil?  Should it focus on expanding its use of biofuels, natural gas, electric vehicles, or hydrogen fuel cells? How far can simple improvements in vehicle efficiency make a difference? Or changes in driving patterns and consumer preferences for large vehicles?  ATEAM (Analytica Transportation Energy Assessment Model) is an agile decision support model designed to support rapid interactive exploration of policy scenarios. It models the light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle fleets in the US using a wide variety of fuels and technologies. It projects the effects of fuel and electricity costs, fuel infrastructure, and consumer preferences. It helps users explore the effects of a variety of assumptions and uncertainties about technology, economics, and environmental impacts. I will illustrate use of ATEAM to explore a variety of policy questions. I will also discuss how this kind of agile decision support can be used by multiple stakeholders to illuminate areas of agreement and controversy, and so develop deeper insights and shared understanding of this complex dynamic system.

Max Henrion
Chief Executive Officer, Lumina Decision Sistems, Inc.

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